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I like space, do you like space?

2014-05-29 19:20:11 by GrizzlyOne

space is pretty awesome. :)

Passive aggresion

2013-06-16 04:56:52 by GrizzlyOne

are you passive aggresive? don't be passive aggresive, there's always a way out of a situation no matter how bad. hehe


A journey into the mind

2013-03-10 18:31:48 by GrizzlyOne

You can hear the woeful angst of the band for Syd Barret through the guitar screams, this is so beautiful you can't comprehend it, why hasn't regular show with all of it's references to Pink Floyd use this song yet in one of their montages that is accompanied with generic 80's music?

Lay back, Relax, and indulge in the Floyd.

I'm getting sick of hotcheetos, so i'm switching to pizza, feel free to join the Pizza crew.

new avatar

2012-11-21 20:07:42 by GrizzlyOne

i like bees

Hye NG

2012-08-21 19:52:18 by GrizzlyOne

sorry for being a bad poster, i will start being better